New, Spring 2012, to the Mecklenburg/Iredell Counties area providing DIR/Floortime™ to children
experiencing delays with their development.

DIR Principles

  • Emotions guide learning and simple problem solving.
  • Enables child to generate ideas off of his own emotions.
  • Provides the connection between affect and intent, motor planning and symbol formation which gives meaning to words and gestures.

Six developmental milestones all children must go through

    1. Shared attention and regulation
    2. Engagement and relating
    3. Purposeful Emotional interaction
    4. Social problem solving
    5. Creating Ideas
    6. Connecting ideas together, thinking logically

Individual differences that contribute to delays and difficulties learning.

Examples include:

  • Difficulties with sensory reactivity
  • Difficulties Processing-making sense of the sensory information he receives.
  • Difficulties with motor planning and sequencing-troubles making his body move the way he wants and/or difficulty planning and executing responses to information he has taken in.